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The RAPIDGate Team has been notified by the Navy that the NCACS program will no longer be accepting new registrations, allowing renewals, or issuing NCACS Credentials effective July 1, 2017. All credentials should be picked up before July 1, 2017, or the installations will no longer issue them. According to the Navy, after August 14, 2017 NCACS Credentials will not be accepted at Navy installations as a form of valid ID. For continued access to any Navy installation, you will need to visit the Pass and ID office. Please see the information below and follow the appropriate instructions:


If your company is participating in the RAPIDGate Program at other non-Navy sites:

You do not need to take any action. All RAPIDGate credentials will remain active for access to those installations. We look forward to providing ongoing RAPIDGate services to your company at these other installations.


If your company is only participating at Navy sites:

Notify us if you require access to a Marine Corps, Coast Guard or Army site before July 1, 2017 so we can initiate the appropriate process. After August 14, 2017, if you do not need access to non-Navy sites, please collect your participants’ RAPIDGate credential for safekeeping or secure disposal. We appreciate the opportunity to have served your company.


Neither full nor prorated refunds are available through the RAPIDGate program. For more information on our refund policy, please refer to our terms and conditions.  A copy of the terms and conditions can be found here. If you have not already done so, you may contact the Navy directly to inquire about an equitable adjustment by the Navy. 


If you would like more information on this transition, please visit our FAQs.


Contact Naval Command

We have developed an email for you to get answers from the Navy. Click the button below to get your questions answered.

Email the Navy

Note: Outlook may require you to separate email addresses by semicolon ( ; ) instead of by comma. You can also click the emails below to email individually.


Interested in reaching out directly?
Navy Officials:

Mr. Bill Holdren
APM Physical Security and Access Control
(202) 433-3089  |  office
Mr. Floyd Madrid
CNIC N3AT Program Director
(202) 433-4784  |  office
Mr. Brad Reiber
CNIC HQ, N3AT Security Specialist
(202) 433-0975  |  office



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