RAPIDGate Helps Protect JBLM's Physical Security Year After Year

Congratulations to JBLM on turning 100!

SureID & JBLM Partnership

Since 2004, the RAPIDGate program from SureID, Inc. has provided secure and streamlined access for nearly 25,000 vendors, suppliers and contractors who do business at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

The RAPIDGate program is an end-to-end high-assurance identity management solution. This field-proven, accredited, and widely-accepted credentialing and vetting program has been deployed at more than 450 federal facility access control points across the United States and its territories, helping the U.S. military guard against such threats as unauthorized access, identity theft, fraud and cyber-crime. These threats put the safety of military personnel, critical infrastructure, and other valuable assets at risk every day.

The RAPIDGate program has identity-proofed, performed suitability risk analysis and credentialed more than 1,300,000 vendor/contractor employees representing approximately 70,000 companies doing business with the U.S. Navy, Army, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Over 340,000,000 authentication events have been recorded, the majority of which are vendors and contractors requiring identity verification and access to military and government bases/buildings.

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See how the RAPIDGate program can be a major force in force protection at your Installation.

RAPIDGate has helped protect JBLM’s assets and people from:


Individuals with criminal felonies


Individuals who committed crimes against children


Individuals charged with other crimes (i.e., outstanding warrants, drugs, theft, etc.)

For the thousands of authorized third-party personnel who visit JBLM regularly, the RAPIDGate program streamlines their access, thereby saving employers time and money.

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